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Epoxy Resin Art Supplies Store Indore Announces a New Line of Resin Art Products

BanteyBanatey, an online venture of Papyrus, has made a splash in the art world by launching an impressive range of resin art products to cater to all crafting requirements. Based in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, Papyrus is known for offering a comprehensive selection of craft supplies and has now expanded into the online sphere with BanteyBanatey.

BanteyBanatey, under the guidance of Shinjan Jain, has recently introduced an array of resin products and art supplies both online and at their physical location in Indore. The diverse and extraordinary collection of art materials has been further enhanced with the inclusion of these resin art products. As Jain puts it, “Our resin products were an instant hit, selling out on day one. Our customers are thrilled to have easy access to the resin supplies they need.”

The newly launched resin art supplies, perfect for various DIY projects, are readily available at BanteyBanatey. This diverse range of craft products includes vibrant Alcohol Inks for abstract effects, Beads and Bezels for texture and design, and Resin Molds for shaping your creations. You can also find Roman Clock Numbers for functional art pieces, Dried Flowers for a touch of natural beauty, and Resin Pigments for colour customization. Essential items like the Lapox Epoxy Resin Hardener, Shakers & Sequences, Shells, and Stones are also stocked to add dynamic visual effects and natural elements to your art. For a touch of elegance, Tassels are available, and Resin Art Tools are on hand to ensure a smooth crafting process. Lastly, UV Transfer Tape is offered for transferring intricate patterns or images onto your resin art. BanteyBanatey is your one-stop shop for all your resin art needs.

Shinjan Jain extols the virtues of epoxy resin, emphasizing its strength, durability, and versatility. He notes that it serves as a reliable bonding agent, resistant to heat and chemicals, and is water-resistant, making it an ideal choice for both DIY projects and party applications. The resin’s strength is maintained even when it comes into contact with other materials, thanks to the adhesive bond that keeps the durability of the epoxy resins intact over time. This chemical’s hardness further enhances its strength, making it the go-to material for many craftsmen and artists.

Papyrus and BanteyBanatey are committed to offering the highest quality resin art supplies and products that can enhance the longevity of end products. Resin is the perfect medium for crafting and art projects, as it remains stable under various temperature conditions and once set, it hardens to a near-permanent state.

About BanteyBanatey, an offshoot of Papyrus, is a premier online provider of resin art products and supplies. The online store stocks top-grade resins and takes pride in supplying products that are resilient and adaptable, making them the top choice for resin art product buyers.

Papyrus stands as Indore’s top seller of resin art products and supplies. The store brings high-quality Resins, and they are of the highest caliber available. Their ability to deliver the most resilient and adaptable goods is what distinguishes them as the top Resin art product sellers. With years of experience in the field, Papyrus is always ready to answer any queries about their resin products available through BanteyBanatey. Whether customers want to purchase in small or large quantities, Papyrus can facilitate and finalize the transaction. To get the best prices on resins, get in touch with them today.

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